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The GLISTEN Program

The GLISTEN Program is designed to help you learn about mindfulness & meditation and establish your own practice that is tailored to your needs and lifestyle.  It is modeled after the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program (MBSR) and is delivered over 8 sessions.

The GLISTEN program introduces you to mindfulness & meditation and allows you to develop a new understanding around your health and the connection between your mind, body & soul.


Session 1:  Exploration and Introduction to Mindfulness


  • 360 Degree look at what is currently going on in your life and what you are wanting to gain from learning about mindfulness & meditation

  • Guided Body Scan Meditation

  • Establish your own simple, daily, at home mindfulness practice right away

Session 2:  Simple Awareness and Paradigm Shift 

  • Experience resting in a state of heightened awareness and calm the parasympathetic nervous system to relax the mind and body

  • Nutrition guidance to support the body moving into a state of balance

  • Guided Gratitude Meditation


Session 3: Introduction of Sitting Visualization Meditation


  • Connecting to intuition and deeper part of the mind through establishing a mind-body connection

  • Introduction of the concept of creating space in the mind to receive clarity through meditation

  • Guided Visualization Based Meditation 


Session 4: Sound Based Meditation


  • Connecting to intuition and deeper part of the mind 

  • Asking questions of this deeper part of the mind and letting go of attachment to the answers

  • Guided Sound Based Meditation

Session 5: Learning to Trust the Process 

  • Allowing whatever comes up in meditation to be there so we can begin to see it clearly

  • Introduction of Journaling to identify and shed light on the thoughts, emotions and physical sensations that come up during and after the meditation practice

  • Creating Inspired Actions based on the clarity that begins to show up around the vision of what you want to create in your life

Session 6: Guided Wave Meditation


  • Introduction of the concept of balance and optimal health through movement and connection to nature 

  • Honing Inspired Actions based on increased clarity and creativity that flows from meditation practice

  • Guided Wave Visualization Meditation


Session 7: Lovingkindness Meditation


  • Introducing the Lovingkindness Meditation to promote the idea of self love and connection to others

  • Allowing this feeling of connection to others to support the Inspired Actions you are taking to bring the vision you have for your life to fruition


Session 8:  Establish a simple, daily personalized practice based on the core concepts offered in the program

  • Working with you to establish a daily self-contained meditation practice you can seamlessly integrate into your life 

  • Creating a short term and long term plan around Inspired Actions that will continue to bring your vision to fruition


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