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"When first meeting Erin, you get a sense of trust, warmth and sincerity. She immediately makes you feel relaxed and at ease. She listens, is intelligent and knowledgeable and after you leave her session, you feel on top of the world and look forward to seeing her again.  I had never meditated prior to my session with Erin, but her gentle demeanor made it easy to focus on what I needed and helped me tremendously at a most stressful time.  She will help take you to where you need to be. She is a beautiful person inside and out, with a beautiful soul that radiates when she is with you.  Erin will help you develop a strong sense of self at the most difficult of times. If you want to feel at peace with yourself, and to grow spiritually and mentally at whatever stage in life you are at, I highly recommened seeing Erin."


~ Debra J., Stay at home mom

“All-in-all, it is not an overstatement to say that my dreams have literally come true. Consulting, teaching, and doing research  is exactly what I wanted and I got it and.... It's amazing!! 

This is not meant as a list of what I'm doing after your program, Erin, but to say thank you for the amazing tools you taught me. I do not know what I would have done without your honesty, compassion and presence. You acted as a teacher to me in a time of stress and that act was so profound. Your beauty and grace move mountains and I can't thank you enough for your support.” 


~ Ann

"Having reached my 60s I felt, as a person, I could use some work.  Certain aspects of my personality needed work.  I began to look for a way to become more introspective and not as reactive.  Upon doing some research, meditation seemed like a definite possibility.  Luckily I found Erin as my guide. The journey is ongoing, happily, with great results.  After several sessions with Erin I now possess the ability to meditate, which allows me to stop my mind from spinning and allows me to experience inner peace.  I feel much more centered, happier with myself and much less reactive. Recently I was facing major surgery, which was causing me some definite anxiety.  The night before the surgery I worked with Erin and was able to lessen my anxiety.  On the day of the surgery, waiting outside the operating room, I was actually able to allow myself to go into a meditative state.  I can’t tell you how that helped me.  I truly believe it allowed me to heal quickly.  I was scheduled for a two night stay and was actually leaving the hospital the next day and back to work in two weeks. If you truly want to better your life, I cannot recommend a better person and guide than Erin Johnson, she changed my life."


~ Maureen Tierney

"Meditation is a daily spiritual practice for me. Erin's technique took me to a beautiful place of learning, of receiving, of blissful peace and expanded understanding. She is a gifted facilitator, holding space for our own experience with meditation to develop, lovingly guiding us to stillness, awareness and a deeper connection to the peace we can find within ourselves. I am eternally grateful for the beautiful session I had with Erin."


~ Jenna Gessay, Founder of & Co-Founder of TUNE | Chiropractic, Health & Healing

"I bumped into Erin at a little private party and had been looking to help myself through meditation for a month or so already.  What a lovely coincidence, I knew about my own inner lighthouse, I knew it was there but the fog was too thick for me to perceive and trust it - it seemed faint and distant, like a mere echo of a warm glowing light in the middle of a rave party with full strobes on.  What Erin does with a great deal of subtlety, structure and clarity is this: she will help you dissipate that fog in your mind and help you switch off those strobe lights in your head.  She will help you connect to your inner self again and give you the tools to keep the strobes and fog at bay and connect with your inner lighthouse whenever you need to.  In 2 months of working with Erin I feel I have come a long way and feel ready to welcome life's challenges in a positive and thoughtful way.  Thank you, Erin!!!"


~ Robert, Attorney

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